Home break-ins are happening every single day of every waking hour, and you could be the next victim. Whether you’re away from home or sitting in the comfort of your living room, you could be faced with a scary situation that could have been prevented by a security screen door. For the safety of yourself and your loved ones, it pays to learn more about how break-ins happen and how you can effectively protect yourself.

The Truth About Home Break-Ins

According to Bankrate, a burglary occurs roughly every 26 seconds which equates to about 3,300 incidents a day. There have been many counts of these burglaries being committed by someone that the victim actually knows, proving that you never know what to expect.

When Do Break-Ins Occur?

Surprisingly enough, most break-ins happen in broad daylight when people are most likely away from home either at work or at school. At least, that’s the robber’s intention. However, this sometimes backfires when a member of the household happens to still be on the premises. So while the television trope is that burglars use the shadows of the night to sneak in while everyone is asleep, it’s safer to not make that assumption.

A Burglar’s Point of Entry

While burglars like to hop down the chimney in cartoons, what happens in real life comes as a surprise for many. A reasonable person would think that windows would be an easier point of entry, but most break-ins actually happen through the front door.

How Security Screen Doors Protect You

Since your front door will be a likely target for any potential burglars, it’s worth it to invest in an extra layer of protection. Security screens doors are becoming more popular since they’ve been proven to prevent break-ins and reduce the number of collective burglaries. Expert design and sturdy metals help make this possible.

Near-Invincible Materials

Security screen doors are more than just a sheet of see-through metal placed in front of your main door. Depending on the brand, your security screen could be made of military-grade metal. That makes it near-impervious to almost any sort of attack like knife cuts, blunt trauma, and attempts at prying with tools. This level of resilience is mostly due to the finely-woven mesh with the assistance of durable metal frames to keep it all in place.

Titan Security Screens Vista Security Screens
MeshTec Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Mesh 316 Marine Grade Stainless-Steel Mesh
Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame and Sash with Welded Corners Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

High-Quality Locks

The fine mesh of your security screen door will likely be enough to put off intruders, but quality locking systems are essential to your armament. The traditional knobs, levers, and handlesets are all still great options as long as they’re built with durable locks. Keypad locks are becoming increasingly more popular with some brands being more high-tech than others like utilizing a touchpad interface. Heavy-duty traditional locks and modern code-based systems are both extremely effective against robbers.

If you’re wondering which lock brands you can trust, both Schlage and Kwikset have been around for decades and have been successfully protecting people ever since. Schlage locks are known for being some of the most durable, instilling the true meaning of “heavy-duty” with thicker and tougher bolts, housings, and plates that even the toughest tools have a hard time cutting through. Kwikset, on the other hand, is taking the future to the next level with the most intricate coding systems in a modern style.

The Ultimate Deterrent

Like with many things, no claim can be 100% accurate. Although security screens are built tough and will likely deter even the most determined intruders, there’s always a very slim chance of the trespasser being successful in breaking the door’s infrastructure. However, if the door itself doesn’t stop them, security screens have more indirect ways of giving you the help that you need.

Breaking through strong mesh is sure to make plenty of noise that could alert you, other house members, pets, or close neighbors. There is also a risk of being seen by passing pedestrians the longer they are forced to be stalled outside where they’re exposed. In that time, witnesses could easily call the police for help. At a certain point, the burglar is likely to deem the criminal activity more work than it’s worth and leave on their own.

Ways to Stay Safe

There are so many different ways security screen doors can protect you. Even so, it doesn’t hurt to do what you can to boost your chances of avoiding a break-in even more. There are a few easy tips you can follow to help prevent break-ins to your home including:

Keeping Your Doors Locked

The most simple task that you could easily turn into a healthy habit is to always keep your doors locked. Every time you leave the home, go to bed, or any other time you’re inside of your house, make sure that your doors are securely locked in place or that your keypad is properly activated.

Staying Cautious

If you’re not expecting anybody, think twice about opening your door. Solicitors are becoming less frequent as time goes on, so it should come as a red flag when someone comes knocking for any reason. By opening your home up to potential criminals, you’d be invalidating all of the protection that even the best security screen doors were designed to provide you. For your wellbeing, it’s best to let your home system protect you in the sanctity of your own home.

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