With home invasions, including “follow home” robberies on the rise throughout Southern California, it’s no surprise that many people are looking to take added measures to protect their homes, families, and property. But does that mean you need to add bars to your doors and windows? Absolutely not. Attractive, secure, and incredibly strong, security screen doors offer homeowners an added layer of defense, all the while improving the attractiveness of your home. Read on for a guide to finding the best security screen door for your home.

Why Get a Security Screen Door?

Most people choose to install a security screen door for protection. In two-thirds of all home invasions the burglar gained entry through an unlocked or inadequately secured door or window, according to the U.S. Department of Justice-Bureau of Justice statistics. A security screen door, which cannot be pried open, kicked in, or cut can give you greater protection along with peace of mind. But in addition to protecting yourself, family, and property a security screen door also offers the following benefits:

  • Allows You to Sleep with the Doors/Windows Open
    Security screen doors allow you to sleep comfortably with your doors and windows open without sacrificing security.
  • Gives Protection When Opening the Door to Deliveries/Unannounced Visitors
    A security screen door provides unobstructed views of anyone arriving at your home, while keeping you safely inside.
  • Prevents Bugs/Critters from Entering Your Home
    Constructed of stainless-steel mesh, and offering full seals, you can count on a premium security screen door to keep out bugs, pests, and critters.
  • Security Screens Can Be Customized to Fit any Door
    Whether you need to secure a double hinged door, a sliding glass door, a three-panel sliding door, or other door type, security screen doors can be customized to fit any door you need to secure.
  • Security Screens Allow for Air Flow
    You don’t have to compromise fresh air or reduced utility bills when you install a security screen door. Allowing for excellent airflow, while keeping you safely inside, security screen doors allow you to enjoy the fresh air without compromising safety.
  • Improve the Appearance of Your Home
    Premium security screen doors can improve the appearance of your home as they are available in a variety of patterns and styles that add curb appeal.

How Do Security Screen Doors Differ from a Regular Screen Door?

Security screen doors, like the Titan Premium Security Screen Doors offer a host of benefits that you won’t get from other screen doors. Made of MeshTec marine grade stainless steel wire mesh, and aircraft grade aluminum, with welded corners, there isn’t a stronger screen door on the market. Likewise, the leading security screen doors allow for keyless deadbolt entry, include a limited lifetime warranty, a lifetime rust-free guarantee, and are available for single or double hinged doors.

These security screen doors are fire resistant and available in 35 unique laser patterns, and more than a dozen colors. As the strongest security screen doors available, these screens offer unprecedented protection for your home. The doors are so secure that they come with a Home Protection Warranty. If your home is burglarized through your front door, locked with a double deadbolt, Titan will cover your insurance deductible up to $1,000. That’s how unlikely they are to be broken through.

Questions To Ask When Choosing a Security Screen Door

There are many security screen doors on the market. So how should you choose the most secure door for your home? Here is a checklist:

  • What Materials is the Door Made From?
    The strongest security screen doors will use stainless steel mesh that cannot be kicked in or cut.
  • Will the Screen Door Rust?
    Rust is a problem in California. Unfortunately, rust can also compromise the integrity of your door. Look for a rust-proof security screen door to ensure it won’t degrade over time.
  • Does the Security Screen Door Have a Warranty?
    You’ll know you’re selecting the best security screen door if it comes with a lifetime warranty.
  • Is the Door Available for My Double Hinged Door?
    Some security screens are only available for single hinged doors. But in California it is common to have double hinged doors, and many homes have sliding glass doors. So look for a company that offers security screens for all the entry points to your home.
  • Are the Security Screens Attractive?
    The best security screen for your home will help enhance the appearance of your home. You should be able to customize the color and the design, to ensure a cohesive look with your home’s exterior.
  • Can I See Through the Screen?
    The best security screen doors will offer you complete visibility. Enjoy looking out at your yard, street, or a sunny day, without being exposed to risk.
  • Where is the Screen Door Made?
    The world’s best security screen doors are made right here in the U.S.A. As an added benefit, American-made security screen doors are not subjected to the current supply chain issues plaguing the globe.
  • Is a Security Screen Door Better than a Wrought Iron Door?
    Wrought iron is notorious for rusting and corroding quickly. Powder coasted marine grade stainless steel wire mesh, and powder coated aircraft grade aluminum will not rust.
  • Are Security Screen Doors Difficult to Maintain?
    No. They should be wiped off with a damp rag to keep them looking beautiful, and free of debris.

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