Getting a security screen door installed could quite literally double your home’s protection against potential burglars. With crimes in California constantly fluctuating, increasing your defenses is the smartest move you can make in response. To ensure that you get the absolute best protection, you should find a top rated security screen door company near Pasadena.


Why Quality Security Screen Matter

No ordinary security screen door will do when it comes to effective protection for your home. You need materials of the highest durability and most effective build. Quality security screens will provide you with added benefits as well, some of which could even save you money


A Barrier Against Burglar

According to Reader’s Digest, 34% of break-ins happen through the front door with most occurrences involving unlocked doors. The presence of an intimidating security screen will likely be enough to deter any criminal hoping for an easy target. But if they still attempt to physically break down the door, they’ll be in for a rough fight if you opt in for acclaimed brands like Titan or Vista which utilize tried-and-true military steel and aluminum. Security screens by these companies are thoroughly tested in a number of ways with a variety of blunt attacks and methods involving weapons and tools.


Home Burglary Facts

●       34% of burglars enter through the front door

●       22% get in through the back door

●       23% utilize first-floor windows

●       In most cases, the point of entry is unlocked

●       Common tools burglars use include crowbars, pipe wrenches, and power drills

●       Burglars spend an average of 8-12 minutes inside the home


Money-Saving Airflow

A good security screen does more than provide a durable shield for your front door. Security screens made with Meshtec allow for decent airflow through your Pasadena home which leaves room for your HVAC to have longer rest periods. The difference will be noticeable on your energy bill. If you think about it, your lower bills will practically pay for your security screen in time! Letting in airflow through your security screen during midday is a viable option with screens that are capable of providing UV protection


Double-Up on Lock

One locking system is nice, but what about two? Security screen doors typically come with their own locks so you can have protection fit for a fortress. Depending on the security screen, you could have the option between a keyless deadbolt entry, three-point locking system, and so on. If you have an alarm system to top it all off, your home will be a nightmare for potential robbers. There’s really no such thing as overkill when it comes to security screen door company near Pasadena.


Effective Installation Is Key

No matter how amazing your security screen, it won’t make a bit of difference if it’s not installed correctly. A missing screw, slight misalignment, and any other fault (no matter how minor or obvious) could end up being the reason as to how a burglar still manages to get through. Don’t waste your money, find the best security screen door company in Pasadena to perform optimal service for the sake of your safety!


Is Your Security Screen Door Really Secure

As mentioned earlier, flawed installation practices and techniques can leave you with insufficient protection that may as not even be there in the first place. Any burglar who is willing to put in a bit of effort would find a way to get through a loose frame, exposed gap, unsecured corner, and so forth. Valuable experience and a passion for their work are essential qualities in a contractor if you want a reliable job done. Settle for anything less is like leaving your front door wide open as an invitation to get robbed.


Get a Qualified Contractor

How do you know if your contractor is legit? A top rated security screen door company will have their licensing, certifications, and insurance publicly accessible for those who wish to perform their own background check. If your contractor is unable to supply this information or acts skeptical upon your request, you could be putting yourself in physical danger or at risk of a lawsuit. And of course, that person may not have the experience or knowledge to provide you with adequate service. Qualified contractors will also have no problem following all of the current guidelines and regulations involved with contracted work, courtesy of the Contractors State License Board.


Work Experience Requirements (By the Contractors State License Board)

●       Must have four years of at least journey-level work experience in the past ten years

●       Must gain experience as a journeyperson, foreperson, supervising employee, or contractor

●       Someone other than the applicant must verify work experience claims

●       The person who verifies the experience must have observed the relevant work done during the time period in question


Judging by all of the necessary but lengthy stipulations needed just for meeting the work experience requirements in obtaining a contractor license, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands as long as you go with a company who hires licensed contractors.


Sympathy Goes a Long Way

When a company is sympathetic to your concerns regarding home safety, they’re more likely to do a great job because they understand the importance of feeling secure behind your own doors. Call ahead and ask questions to gauge their friendliness and willingness to express patience with you. It’s difficult to rest easy knowing that your security screen was installed by someone who acted in a rude manner and seemed to show a disinterest in getting the job done. Reading online reviews is also a great way to get an idea of a company’s customer service.


The Best Security Screen Doors In Pasadena

Searching for a top rated security screen door company means finding a place that offers the strongest screens, impeccable installation, and friendly customer service. California Security Screens is the only place near Pasadena to provide all of these qualities at an affordable price. The expert contractors at CSS can get your security screen door up and ready to go in just a couple hours for your convenience. Call (626) 376-4107 for a free estimate!