Home break-ins are on the rise in California, and Pasadena is no exception. What can you do to protect yourself? By observing what burglars have done in the past, you can be proactive in deterring these criminals with a few tips and tricks.

Effective Ways to Dupe Your Burglar

Thanks to the statistics that researchers have gathered over the last few years, we have come to learn about the mindset of a burglar including their habits and mindsets as well as the most common methods for home entry. This information has been incredibly useful in finding ways to protect yourself and your property.

1. Get Into the Habit of Locking Doors

In a survey of 500 convicted burglars, 42% admitted to entering through an unlocked window while 39% walked right in through an unlocked door. By making checking your locks part of your regular routine, you can decrease the likelihood of burglars finding their way into your home. Every time you leave and enter the house and right before bed, be sure to double-check all of your doors and windows. The door leading from your garage to your home counts, too even if the garage door itself is down. Leaving a key hidden in your yard is a bad idea since experienced burglars know exactly where to look.

2. Make Your House Look Occupied

Most burglars time their break-in to be in the middle of the day when most people are away from home. This is because they would rather not run into anybody while they’re robbing the place. If you make it seem like someone is home even when the place is vacant, you can cause burglars to second-guess your house as a target. This can be done by leaving a couple of lights on or leaving a pair of shoes outside of your door. Keeping your mail from piling up by checking it often will also show clear signs of frequent activity.

3. Advertise Your Security Measures

At this point, you’ve probably realized that burglars tend to favor easy jobs. By placing clear evidence of active security measures such as signs indicating alarm systems or the installation of security cameras, robbers will likely look elsewhere for easy pickings. Even fake signs and decoy cameras can be enough to make them instantly turn away.

4. Expose Your Burglar to the Neighborhood

No one likes being caught red-handed, so make your burglar flee from embarrassment and fear of getting caught by installing motion detector lights that will literally shine a light on them as soon as they approach the house. It also helps to not leave any hiding spots for them to retreat to such as untrimmed bushes or shrubs. Like ants in a kitchen, make the place barren enough to be an unattractive target for burglars.

5. Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Most burglars like to scope out their targets to make sure the payout is worth the effort. They typically do this by peering into windows to look for valuables. If you have anything worth a pretty penny, keep it hidden in a safe or anywhere that can’t be seen from the window. While you might not be able to hide your TV, other desired items include jewelry, cash, small electronics, guns, tools, alcohol, and so on.

Add Extra Defense With Security Screens

Even if you manage to bamboozle the typical burglar, you may still come across a few who are a tad smarter than the average criminal. What can you do about robbers who have gotten wise to the above tactics and know how to get around them? When push comes to shove, security screens act as an effective shield to keep them at bay no matter their method of attack.

What Are Security Screens?

High-quality security screens are made of durable metal that’s nearly impossible to break through. These screens are regularly tested against brute force, sharp weapons, and tools made for prying such as crowbars. Regardless of what your burglar chooses to use, they’ll likely break a sweat before giving up entirely. Some of the better brands even come with their own locking system to give you double the amount of security for robbers who choose lockpicking as their preferred method of entry.

What Kind Should I Get?

Security screens are most effective when you install them on all points of entry, including your windows. Brands like Titan and Vista are custom-made to fit your doors and windows for impeccable all-around home protection. Vista offers 3 different kinds of security screen windows to fit your personal needs, and Titan is well-known for its military-grade strength while simultaneously providing stylish designs.

Can I Install Them Myself?

If you want your security screen doors and windows to work at max strength, it’s best to get them installed by a trained and licensed contractor. It doesn’t matter how durable your screen is, imperfect installation can make it obsolete if even the smallest gap is found along the frame. To make sure that your security screens offer the best possible protection, you should seek out experts in Pasadena.

Protect Your Home With California Security Screens!

California Security Screens has been protecting Pasadena and the surrounding communities for many years with top-rated security screens from Titan and Vista. Any type of window or door, whether they be hinged or sliding, can be secured with expertly-installed security screens that will last you for entire decades. Now you can leave your home behind with less worry knowing that the house can put up a fight against even the wisest and strongest burglars! Call (626) 376-4107 to get started on a free estimate.