A break-in is a shocking surprise that no one wants to experience. It could cost you your valuables, your savings, and even your very own life or the lives of others. But what if we told you that there are a multitude of ways to avoid such an incident altogether? Save yourself the trouble by learning all of the most useful tips for preventing a break-in at your home or office in Pasadena so you can protect the livelihood that you worked so hard to build.

Simple Ways to Deter Your Burglars

While it’s always a good idea to reinforce your home or office with heavy locks and alarm systems, there are easy things that you can incorporate into your daily routine that can be enough to shoo away any potential burglars before they even take their first step.

Someone’s Home (Maybe)

Statistics show that burglars make a point to choose the time of day when people are more likely to be out of the house in order to avoid any unwanted encounters. The simple trick to this is to make it seem like there is always someone home. For instance, leaving a pair of dirty work boots on the porch indicates that someone just got home from work when in reality the house could be completely empty. But your burglar won’t know that.

Give Your Burglar the Spotlight

Some burglars may make their plans for the middle of the day, but others will still try to strike in the dead of night while most people are asleep. For these sneaky criminals, a motion-activated light will make their hearts skip a beat before they scuttle away like insects. A bright light right outside your window or out in public can be enough to either get the attention of people nearby or wake you up from your sleep and keep you on high alert.

There’s Nowhere to Hide

Almost like a game of hide-and-seek, your burglar could try finding a place in your yard to hunker down and wait for the best chance to strike. Don’t give them the opportunity and remove any potential hiding spots. No criminal likes to be out in the open, so your house or office will be their last choice.

These useful preventative measures are very effective, but there are some other little tips that can prove to be handy.

Do’s Dont’s
  • Do set up an alarm system sign in your front yard or entryway.
  • Do find someone to gather your mail while you’re away on vacation.
  • Do double-check your locks before you go to bed or leave the office.
  • Don’t keep a hidden key anywhere in your yard.
  • Don’t post about your vacation live on social media.
  • Don’t leave the door to your garage unlocked.

Honestly, no matter what you do to deter burglars from your home, there’s always that chance that one of them will go for the gold and ignore their common sense. To prepare for cases like these, you should reinforce your home with the most durable security measures that you’ll find in Pasadena.

Reinforce Your Home With Security Screens

In case you don’t know, a security screen door is unlike any other screen door that you’ve seen so far. These screens are built to withstand pretty much anything which is why even the bravest burglar will find themselves frustrated not being able to break through.

What Are Security Screens Made of?

Ordinary screen doors are typically looked over because the flimsy aluminum composition tears easily and is never worth anyone’s time. Security screens, on the other hand, are made with military-grade metal that’s been vigorously tested and proven to take on many hard blows and cuts from knives and other tools. Take two of the best security screen brands, for example:

Titan Security Screens Vista Security Screens
  • MeshTec Marine Grade Stainless Steel Wire Mesh
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame and Sash
  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless-Steel Mesh
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Frame

Both of these brands also support deadbolt locks which are the strongest type of locks and are nearly unbreakable. Imagine being a burglar who has to find a way past military steel and a tough deadbolt lock. Might as well call it quits right there.

Where Can I Install Them?

Although it’s highly recommended to secure your front door, you might as well suit up your entire house. Reliable security screen companies in Pasadena will have the means to equip your front door (single or double), back door, sliding glass door, and windows with top-tier security screens. If you’re thinking that surrounding your entire home or office with security screens is too much, consider these facts:

  • 34% of break-ins are through the front door
  • 23% of burglars use the first-story windows
  • 22% attempt to go through the back door

As you can see, burglars will stop at nothing to get what they want. Therefore, you can never be too careful.

How Long Do They Last?

Many security screen brands are known to have a life expectancy of around 30 years or so. While that already seems like a decent amount of time for home and office safety, top brands like Titan Security offer a lifetime guarantee.

Do They Actually Work?

It’s only natural to question something that seems too good to be true, and so there’s video proof of a security screen test using brute force. In the video, you’ll see a single security screen door go through multiple hits all in one go. If that’s not enough to convince you, then nothing is.

The Toughest Security Screens In Pasadena

Equipping your home or office with the most durable security screens that Pasadena has to offer is as easy as calling California Security Screens. With both Titan and Vista security screen options available, you really have the topmost-quality screens to choose from. They even come in fancy designs and colors so your property doesn’t need to look distasteful while supporting the highest level of protection on the block. Don’t wait for the unfortunate to happen, call (626) 376-4107 today for a free estimate!