If you’re looking for a top-rated security screen door company in the Sierra Madre area, you won’t regret going with California Security Screens! We have the best contractors and the highest-quality products to deter burglars and other dangers from your home.

Foolproof Installation By the Professionals

The most important thing to consider when getting a security screen door installed is the quality of the installation itself. A security screen won’t work and protect you how it should if there are any mistakes or things that have been overlooked during the installation process. This is why all of our contractors are knowledgeable and expertly-trained to handle any job.

We Have Years of Experience

California Security Screens has been serving the Sierra Madre area for roughly ten years, and in that time we’ve mastered our craft to a T. In the past decade, we have equipped many homes with impeccable security leaving all of our customers feeling safe and happy.

We Have Proper Licensing

To give you even more peace of mind, you can rest easy knowing that our company is fully licensed, certified, and insured so you can rely on our service no matter what. We also follow all current rules and regulations regarding security screen installation so you don’t have to worry about us being out of touch.

We Value Your Comfort and Safety

We want you to feel secure inside of your own home, and that means helping you feel at ease during the entire process, too. From our first phone call to our final conversation after the job is done, our staff will treat you with the utmost respect and friendliness. You’re not just another customer. To us, you’re a valued family member.

Burglar-Resistant Security Screens

Why invest in a security screen door? At California Security Screens, we supply both Titan and Vista brand security screens which are both made with military-grade steel and aluminum. Some of the toughest materials in combination with expert design makes for a product that’s nearly impervious to hits, kicks, cuts, and tools. Any potential burglars will give up and run off after the second or third attempt at a break-in.

The Largest Variety in Sierra Madre

If you’re wondering whether or not your front door is able to support one of our security screen doors, the answer is most likely yes! We have a wide range of security screen door options for door types such as:

  •       Single hinged doors
  •       Double hinged doors
  •       French doors
  •       Single sliding doors
  •       Double sliding doors
  •       Three panel sliding doors
  •       Four panel sliding doors

Protect Your Home Today!

Are you ready to equip your front door with quality security screens for better home protection? Receive the best security screen doors installed by professional contractors in Sierra Madre by calling the experts at California Security Screens at (626) 376-4107 for a free estimate!