Many victims of home robberies don’t consider the possibility of their property being targeted until it’s too late to prevent the damages. Don’t let this happen to you! Being proactive in preparing for the worst and doing what you can to prevent such an incident from happening is as simple as investing in security screen doors and windows from top-rated security screen companies in Pasadena. But what exactly does that do to help protect your home? First, we must analyze how a typical California burglar operates.

The Mind of a Burglar

Since burglaries are unfortunately quite common, robbers have found the most effective ways for breaking and entering. Now, nearly 80% of break-ins occur through the front or back doors or any of the first-floor windows. This guide will pick apart these entry points in further detail along with various methods that are used to commit the crime.

Entry Points and Break-In Tactics

As mentioned earlier, the most common points of entry are the front and back doors along with the first-floor windows. To be more precise, 34% of entries are through the front door, 22% are through the back door, and 23% are through the windows. Many robbers accomplish this by effortlessly opening an unlocked door or unsecured window. But what if you consistently lock and double-check your doors every night before bed and when you leave the house? Burglars still have their ways, but security screen doors have a chance of stopping them.

Give Your Burglar the Spotlight

Some burglars may make their plans for the middle of the day, but others will still try to strike in the dead of night while most people are asleep. For these sneaky criminals, a motion-activated light will make their hearts skip a beat before they scuttle away like insects. A bright light right outside your window or out in public can be enough to either get the attention of people nearby or wake you up from your sleep and keep you on high alert.

Point of Entry Break-In Methods
  • Doors
  • Opening an unlocked or unsecured door
  • Breaking through the door with a blunt or sharp weapon or tool
  • Removing the door entirely with a crowbar
  • Windows
  • Prying off the window panel or frame
  • Breaking through the glass
  • Removing the beading and taking out the glass pane

Things You Didn’t Know About Robberies

Did you know that 66% of burglaries are residential? Robbers would rather take low-risk jobs so they tend to avoid larger establishments that could get them into even more trouble if caught. But this also means that your home is a more likely target despite not having a cash register to pry open. Burglars will also attempt their break-in between 10 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon to try and avoid anyone being home. Assuming everything works out in their favor, your burglar can spend an average of 8-12 minutes inside your home which is ample time to bag up as much as they want. But perhaps the most frightening fact is that a home burglary occurs every 15 seconds here in America which means that no one is safe, at least not without the right amount of protection.

Security Screens Are the Ultimate Defense

At this point, you may be wondering where security screens come into the picture. Security screen doors and windows specifically close off these common entry points which makes it much more difficult for robbers to get into your house in the first place. This is all due to the security screen’s genius composition and design that stumps burglars nearly every time.

High-Grade Materials

They’re not called “security” screens for nothing. Top brands like Titan and Vista go all-out with military-grade metals that have been proven to withstand more than you can imagine. But the effectiveness isn’t due to the material composition alone. Security screens are designed and crafted in such a way as to boost the effectiveness of their durability. Marine-grade stainless steel is deliberately woven into a tight mesh that’s nearly impossible to break through, at least not without breaking a sweat. The frame is also designed to deter burglars who like to pry off the door with a crowbar.

A Misleading Appearance

Not only do security screens provide you with adequate protection through sheer strength, but they’re also very deceptive. Many high-quality security screens are crafted to look like decorative doors rather than an impenetrable fortress. Any potential robber who doesn’t know any better would never suspect that such a colorful and ornate door would be able to take such brutal hits. After being tricked the first time, they may think twice about attempting another house.

Tested For Endurance

Titan and Vista aren’t all talk. Their products are tested time and time again to ensure that they do what they’re meant to do. Various break-in methods are personally tested so you can feel safe and secure behind your security screens. Some of these tests include:

  • Knife Shear Test AS 5041-2003
  • AS5041 Impact_AAMA1304 Forced Entry_I0061.01-303-47
  • Dynamic Impact Test
  • Corrosion requirements of AS2331.0-2006
  • Salt Spray Test ASTM B117-16 and AS2331.0-2006

While these are the accurate names of the tests that are conducted, it can be difficult to interpret the meaning which is why there are video demonstrations online of what some of these tests entail. It’s definitely worth a look since some things are better understood once you see them with your very own eyes. It’s hard not to be impressed with the amount of strength put behind some of these attacks only to not even cause a dent in the product.

The Best Security Screen Company In Pasadena

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