Security Screen Door FAQs

What is the Security Screen Door or Security Window Screen made of?

The Mesh is made of 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel which is powder coated black

The Sash (Frame) is made of Aircraft Grade (6063-T5) Aluminum which is powder coated in one of ten colors for our Vista brand and one of thirteen for the Titan brand.

What door types will your security screen doors fit on?
  • Single Hinged Doors
  • Double Hinged Doors
  • Single Sliding Doors
  • Two Panel Sliding Doors
  • Three Panel Sliding Doors
  • Four Panel Sliding Doors
What type of security window screens do you provide?

There are three types of security window screens

  1. Quick Escape Window Screens – used for emergency egress and washing the windows. They feature a release on the inside of the room.
  2. Cleanable Window Screens – used to secure fixed window panels while allowing the screen to be opened from the outside with a key.
  3. Fixed Window Screens – used on windows that open from the inside such as side lights or windows in the living room, dining room or kitchen. These window screens do not open for cleaning.
What color is the Mesh?

Black, because this is the color your eye can see thru

What color is the Sash (frame) ?

Our VISTA brand has TEN colors (see Products VISTA page)

  1. White
  2. Black
  3. Bronze
  4. Brown
  5. Sahara Brown
  6. Adobe
  7. Almond
  8. Silver
  9. Light Gray
  10. Sahara Gray

Our TITAN brand has THIRTEEN colors (see Products TITAN page)

  1. White
  2. Beige
  3. Desert Sand
  4. Tierra Beige
  5. Silverado
  6. Royal Brown
  7. Copperclad
  8. Wineberry
  9. Black
  10. Blue
  11. Forest Green
  12. Red
  13. Metal Gray
Is the door break-in proof?
NO, there are no security screen doors that are break-in proof. Our security screen doors are designed to keep a burglar from gaining easy access to your house. If they try to break in, they will make a lot of noise, which they do not like, because it calls attention to their activities. If there is too much work involved, they will leave. The longer they are outside your home the more chance they have of being spotted and the police called.
Do your security screen doors provide airflow?
Yes, they provide amazing airflow especially when your front and back doors are open at the same time.
Is there a warranty?

Yes, our VISTA brand has three warranties:

  1. A One-Year warranty on the door mechanics – hinges, lock, handle and rollers.
  2. A Ten-Year warranty on the mesh and sash against rust, corrosion, or peeling of the powder coating.
  3. Home Protection Plan

Not covered under the warranty is normal wear and tear or if the door is damaged in any way.

Yes, our TITAN brand had five warranties:

  1. A One-Year warranty on the door mechanics – hinges, lock, and handle.
  2. Limited Lifetime Warranty
  3. Lifetime Rust-Free Guarantee
  4. A Five-Year powder coat warranty against peeling
  5. Home Protection Plan
What kind of locks do you use?

VISTA Brand – Hinged security screen doors use a Schlage compatible lock and Sliding security screen doors use a Kwikset compatible lock.

TITAN Brand – Kwikset or Schlage dead bolts are installed and include a handle set.

How are your security screen doors and window screens attached to my house?

Hinged security screen doors installations are surface mounted meaning they are installed on the wood trim boarding the stucco wall or the wood trim. Security screws are used to secure the door and the screws are hidden by a cap cover.

Sliding security screens door installations can be either attached to the surface of the opening or an inside mount inside where the sliding screen door is currently.

How long does it take to ORDER my security screen door(s)?
VISTA brand will take from 6-8 weeks to order, and the TITAN brand will take 14-16 weeks to order.
How long does it take to INSTALL my security screen door(s) or security window screens?
It typically takes between 1-4 hours to install one of our security screen doors depending on the brand selected and the type of door. Window security screens can be installed in 20-40 minutes per screen.
Are your security screen doors made is the USA?
Yes, our VISTA brand is made in Lynwood, California by Vista Security Screens and our TITAN brand is made in Gilbert, Arizona by Unique Home Design/Titan Security.
What makes your security screen doors better than a wrought iron door?
  1. Our security screen doors are made from powder coated marine grade stainless steel wire mesh and powder coated aircraft grade aluminum, they DO NOT rust or corrode, like an iron door. Homes near the ocean will need to be cleaned on a weekly basis to remove the salt air from the mesh or sash.
  2. The Aircraft Grade Aluminum we use is six times stronger than steel and half the weight.
  3. Our security screen doors are low maintenance – just wipe the door off with a wet rag dipped in dish soap and a small amount of vinegar (instructions included on the manufactures warranty).

Wrought Iron Doors are guaranteed to rust and will need constant repainting and maintenance. Plus, they do not esthetically pleasing to the look of your home.