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Frequently Asked Questions

The mesh is made of strong and durable 316 marine-grade stainless steel and powder-coated black. The sash (frame) is made of rust-resistant aircraft-grade aluminum (6063-T5) and is powder-coated in one of ten colors for the Vista brand and one of thirteen colors for the Titan brand.

Our security screen doors are designed to fit various door types, including:

  • Single hinged doors
  • Double hinged doors
  • Single sliding doors
  • Two-panel sliding doors
  • Three-panel sliding doors
  • Four-panel sliding doors

If you have a unique door type that is not listed, please contact us to discuss customized options.


We offer three types of security window screens:

  • Quick Escape Window Screens: These security window screens allow for emergency egress and can be opened to clean the windows. For bedroom windows, the state building codes require at least one window to have emergency egress. CSS recommends Quick Escape Window Screens on all windows no matter the room. The emergency egress release is accessible from inside a room for emergency exit or for cleaning.
  • Cleanable Window Screens: These screens are used to secure fixed windows and can be opened from the outside with a key which allowing for easy cleaning.
  • Fixed Window Screens: These screens are fixed in place and are designed for sliding or hung windows or those that open from the inside, such as sidelights. The state building code allows these screens to be placed on windows in the living room, dining room, or kitchen. They do not open for emergency egress and the windows must be cleaned through the mesh with a window cleaning solution. CSS recommends using Quick Escape security window screens on all windows.

Black, to provide a clear view of the outdoors while maintaining high security and privacy.

Our VISTA brand offers 10 color options for the sash (frame), including White, Black, Bronze, Brown, Sahara Brown, Adobe, Almond, Silver, Light Gray, and Sahara Gray.

Our TITAN brand offers 13 color options for the sash (frame), including White, Beige, Desert Sand, Tierra Beige, Silverado, Royal Brown, Copperclad, Wineberry, Black, Blue, Forest Green, Red, and Metal Gray.

While no security screen door is completely break-in proof, our doors are designed to provide a strong barrier to prevent easy entry. If a burglar attempts to break in, they will likely make a lot of noise and draw attention to themselves, which may deter them from continuing. The longer they stay outside your home, the greater the chance of being spotted and the police being called. Our doors are designed to provide a strong deterrent against burglars and other intruders and to provide you with peace of mind and added security for your home.

Yes, our security screen doors are designed to provide excellent airflow, especially when both the front and back doors are open. The stainless steel mesh allows for the free flow and circulation of air, providing ventilation and comfort while maintaining the security of your home.

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We're Here to Answer Your Questions

Yes, we offer warranties on both our VISTA and TITAN brands of security screen doors.

Our VISTA brand comes with:

  • A One-Year warranty on the door mechanics – hinges, lock, handle, and rollers.
  • A Ten-Year warranty on the mesh and sash against rust, corrosion, or peeling of the powder coating.
  • Home Protection Plan

Our TITAN brand includes:

  • A Ten-Year powder coat warranty with an additional Five-Years when you register your security screen door with Titan Security Screens
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty
  • Lifetime Rust-Free Guarantee
  • A Five-Year powder coat warranty against peeling
  • Home Protection Plan

Please note that normal wear and tear or any damage to the door is not covered under the warranty.

VISTA Brand – Hinged security screen doors use a Schlage-compatible lock, and Sliding security screen doors use a Kwikset-compatible lock.

TITAN Brand – Kwikset or Schlage deadbolts are installed and include a handle set.

Our hinged security screen doors are installed on the wood trim, boarding the stucco wall or the wood trim using security screws. The screws are hidden by a cap cover.

For sliding security screen doors, they can be either attached to the surface of the opening or installed as an inside mount where the sliding screen door is currently located.

Please call our office to check the order time as they vary throughout the year depending on the work flow of our fabricators

Our security screen doors usually take between 1-4 hours to install, depending on the brand and the type of door. For window security screens, it takes approximately 20-40 minutes per screen to install.

Yes, both our VISTA and TITAN brand security screen doors are made in the USA. VISTA brand is manufactured in Lynwood, California, by Vista Security Screens, and the TITAN brand is manufactured in Gilbert, Arizona, by Unique Home Design/Titan Security.

Our security screen doors have several advantages over wrought iron doors:

  • Our doors are made from marine-grade stainless steel wire mesh and aircraft-grade aluminum, which are highly resistant to rust and corrosion, unlike wrought iron doors.
  • The aluminum used is six times stronger than stee and half weight.
  • Our security screen doors are custom made to your door opening which means they will fit without any gaps at the top or the bottom. Wrought iron doors always have gaps at the top and bottom to let in bugs or lizards or other creatures.
  • Our doors are low maintenance and only require occasional cleaning with a wet rag and soap, whereas wrought iron doors need constant repainting and maintenance.
  • Our doors have a modern and aesthetically pleasing look that can enhance the appearance of your home, while wrought iron doors can look outdated and unappealing.
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