Titan Security Screen Doors - Ultimate Security California Security Screens

Titan Security Screen Doors - Ultimate Security California Security Screens

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Titan Security Screen Doors

Titan Security Screen Doors

Discover the impressive The strongest security screen doors

Titan Premium Security Doors are the ultimate solution for securing your home.  With the combination of a Strong Welded Aluminum Door Sash, MeshTec™ Marine Grade Stainless-Steel Wire Mesh and an Aluminum Laser Design Panel, these doors are the strongest security screens available on the market. 
Titan Premium Security Doors provides an outstanding safety barrier between you and whoever is on the outside of your front or back door. They allow for great airflow and visibility, and cannot be cut (with a knife), kicked in or pried open.

Here are the features that make Titan Premium Security Doors stand out:

  • Available in standard and custom sizes for single hinged doors and double doors.
  • MeshTec™ High-Tensile Strength Marine-Grade Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (in Black) provides maximum protection against intruders.
  • Aircraft-Grade Aluminum Frame and Door Sash with welded corners ensure durability and strength.
  • 39 Laser Designs and 1 Full View design to match your style.
  • A Perforated Aluminum panel is available in five colors, but only with a laser panel door.
  • 13 colors to complement your home’s exterior.
  • Locks in the center with a dead bolt, handle hardware and a welded cover over the handle set.
  • Allows for keyless deadbolt entry for easy access.
  • A fully sealed door keeps critters out of your home.
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty and Rust-Free Guarantee
  • Home Protection Warranty provides a replacement door if a break-in occurs*.

Choose Titan Premium Security Doors for the ultimate peace of mind in home security.

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The “Home Protection Warranty” offered by Unique Home Design/Titan provides added peace of mind to our customers. If your home is burglarized and entry was accomplished through one of our security doors that was locked with a double deadbolt, we will cover your insurance deductible up to $1,000 or replace the applicable damaged UHD security door free of charge (excluding installation charges).


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